Remember when you were a young child, and you woke up early Easter morning, wondering if the Easter Bunny had visited your home. You might have left milk and cookies, or some other bribe. Looking around the house, you find, to your amazement, that the Easter Bunny has left a basket with delicious candy and other treats…

Those days are gone…

Things aren’t the way they used to be, when you were young. Halloween is not as much fun, and Christmas is way too Atlanta easter bunnycommercialized.
But, to those little ones with great expectations, there’s still the Easter Bunny.
Imagine, sharing the joy of the Easter Bunny, with children young and old.

The Easter Bunny is visiting Atlanta!

He’s coming soon, and is available for meet & greets, picture-taking, Easter Egg hunts, parties, and more…

PS: Don’t be fooled, there are imposters out there. Ours is the REAL Easter Bunny!
PPS: And when your see him, remember to thank him for all the goodies years

To schedule your visit with the Easter Bunny call