Funtastic Events has been offering Carnival Game Packages to schools, in order to make carnival fund raising easier. One of the hardest tasks confronted by a carnival committee is the setting up of Carnival Games. Our Carnival Game Packages all include set-up and delivery (within 100 miles of area code 30680 – North Georgia).Carnival Games Atlanta

We literally wrote the book on school carnivals, see our: School Carnival Guide

The games we provide are primarily table games, and many do require a four or six foot table. No electricity is needed for any of the games. Schools may choose any of the over 40 carnival games listed on our Carnival Game List.

Choices are on a first-come, first served basis, subject to availability. The games are designed to withstand normal carnival activity, and we have hired an artist to hand-paint our games. Because the games look good, and are challenging, carnival attendees have a tendency to stay and play longer.

Here are the Carnival Game Packages:

Mini-Carnival Package

5 Carnival Games, Moonwalk, 1000 Prizes, 2000 Tickets

Basic Carnival Package

10 Carnival Games, Moonwalk, 2000 Prizes, 2000 Tickets

Deluxe Carnival Package

15 Carnival Games, Moonwalk, 3000 Prizes, 4000 Tickets, Onsite Coordinator

Super Deluxe Carnival Package

20 Carnival Games, Moonwalk, 4000 Prizes, 4000 Tickets, Onsite Coordinator

Super Duper Carnival Package

20 Carnival Games, Moonwalk, A choice of two of the following: Fun Flush, Football Pass, Spin Art, or Baseball Target Throw, 4000 Prizes, 4000 Tickets, Onsite Coordinator

Please Note:

Some of the Carnival Game Packages include an Onsite Coordinator. This person is designed to be an onsite troubleshooter and to train new volunteers as they come to work the games.


Each game comes complete with 200 trinket prizes. This breaks down to 75 1st prizes and 125 consolation prizes per game. Depending on the attendance at the carnival, you may need additional prizes.


Tickets are supplied with all Game Packages. These are single admit-one tickets. We typically carry a choice of four colors. Please ask if you have a preference. Depending on the attendance of the carnival, you may need to supply additional tickets.

Please Call Today for Pricing and Availability